"Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men."
- Neil Gaiman

Friday, April 13, 2012

Healing as a Lightworker

First week of H for the Pagan Blog Project so I will be talking about Healing. I also include Helping in there as I have the same thoughts on both (I'm too lazy this morning and don't feel like typing both words throughout this blog so Healing will mean both).

I took a wonderful course a few months back called Live your Truth Love your Life, and in that course a question was posed asking "who are you". Simple enough right? Well she followed this up by saying not to label yourself by your associations with others. Damn it! This is exactly how I was always answering this question.... "I'm a wife, mother.." The more I thought about it I realized I had been doing this my whole life.... "I'm Linda's daughter... I'm Cody's sister". So I had to really think about this and figure out who I am.

No need to tangent off and tell you everything I learned with that, but one of my soul searched answers was that I am a Healer. Now for me this is a proud label to have, however sometimes it can make others squeamish. Part of the problem I have found is that (especially for older folk) saying you are a "Healer" automatically conjures images for them of some 1960's Hippie whoo whoo (<=== total scientific term) cult leader of some sort. The younger crowd always has had some sort of experience with a "healer" who, while working with them, requested everyone be naked, or in some other way completely freaked them out.

*Tangent ~ being a Witch, Healer, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist all seem to have the same problem for me. There are so many people out there who also label themselves as such but act in such inappropriate or outlandish ways, that I feel I must always explain myself, my thoughts, my ideals, my beliefs to people. I always end up with a lengthy conversation defending the majority of that part of myself.... "No Witches do not sacrifice cats and I do NOT like the smell of burning flesh!" (this was actually how I first came out of the broom closet, when a young girl in a school I was attending was telling everyone she was a witch and loved the smell of burning cats.... I had to come out to defend). ...... "No, neither one of us need to be naked for this healing to work"........ "sorry, as a massage therapist I only work on soft tissue, there are other professions that do what you are requesting" (FYI many times when labeling a massage therapist is a body worker...... a masseuse is a sex worker). ~ End tangent *

So back to healing. I believe I was born a Healer. I have a sensitivity to others and feel a need to help. This explains why I am a Reiki master, Massage Therapist, working toward a Masters in school counseling, working toward Priestess training, working toward becoming a Pagan Pastoral Counselor. (I'm also apparently a professional student).

But it took me years to realize that healing is more of an awakening. As a healer, I am not there to work miracles and "fix" (<--- will digress from a tangent but HATE this word when used about people!!). Any healing that takes place is purely the act of the person being healed, I am just there as a conduit or a reminder to the persons body on how to heal itself. Sometimes I work with others to raise even more energy. And sometimes the energy from others is brought into me and I take on the emotions of the other person. This makes me over sensitive and emotional.

Healing is not just about making the person better in some way, it is about making the person (conscience or not) aware of what needs to be healed and how to do it their selves. I work with the whole of the person.... mind and body working together. Healing is about taping into the ancestral memories, reminding the body on how to be in stasis.

Healing is about energy. And while the energy is powerful it is not without limits. I never dismiss medical care for anyone. I am not a doctor, I do not understand disease, I only understand energy. While I may encourage someone to look at all options, I always stand firm in my scope of practice. And even if I think that energy work is all that is needed (for instance I had two children naturally using nothing but Reiki for pain management and had wonderful births with little pain), I would NEVER tell anyone they should do what I did. I would also not completely dismiss what the doctor was saying. I use critical thinking in my own life, and THAT is what I encourage others to do. And I also remember that in the end it all really up to the Fates.

I am NOT a miracle worker. I AM a Lightworker.

Thank you for spending time with me. I welcome all comments!

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