"Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men."
- Neil Gaiman

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Affirmations - a daily dose of magic

My second A blog will be about affirmations. This is also something that I have been looking at and using more lately. I have found how important affirmations are in my life and how much they have helped. I had been wanting to do daily affirmations for a long time, but never quite understood them. Then I had two amazing experiences that opened my eyes.

The first experience was a class I took called Live your Truth Love your Life. This class was all about finding your authentic self and living your life authentically. In one part of the class we had to identify our 5 biggest fears and then rewrite them as affirmations to put a positive spin on them. For instance, one of my fears is the fear of failure, so my affirmation for this is "I am open to receiving all that is necessary for my success." So when I feel this fear coming on I recite my affirmation. I also use a daily affirmation that encompasses a lot, it is "I am a joyful, fearless, loving soul". These types of affirmations are best when you write them yourself for yourself. You can use affirmations that others have written, but I don't seem to feel the power, and energy from them. Even if I just rewrite one I have found to fit me a little better, the power of it seems to increase!

In addition to these affirmations, I also have begun saying the Affirmation of Women's Spirituality from the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess, International. Once I became a member of this organization I found that reading this daily really uplifted me and gave me a feeling of peace and purpose. I consider the affirmations above as small ways to help myself throughout life, while this one is my formal declaration of my spiritual beliefs. Here is the Affirmation from the RCG-I website:


There is one circle of women's energy, and I, (insert your name), am a part of this energy.
It is mine to direct. I wish to direct my energy


  1. that I can create my own reality and that sending out a positive expectation will bring a positive result.
  2. that the energy which I send out returns to me.
  3. that there are an infinite number of possibilities for my life.
  4. that every situation is an opportunity to practice and develop my craft.
  5. that my instincts and intuition can be used to guide me.
  6. that my only power is in the present.
  7. that the Goddess or life force energy is within me.


  1. that I shall try to never use my energy unwisely or limit the free will of another.
  2. that I shall grow in wisdom, strength, knowledge, and understanding.
  3. that I shall, as much as I am aware, act in honesty to myself and to others.
  4. that I shall never use my energy for what I know to be evil, aggressive or manipulative and shall only use my energy for positive ends.
  5. that I shall grow to understand the cyclic, life affirming rhythms of the earth, and always act with love toward Her and all Her plants and creatures.
  6. that I shall transform all negative in my environment.


  1. to be myself.
  2. to take responsibility for myself and my actions and know that consciously or unconsciously, I have drawn situations to me.
  3. to be strong and independent even in the midst of struggle.
  4. to accept and understand those whose ethnic or racial background, social or economic class, appearance, or sexual preference are different from my own.
  5. to stand firm and committed to women and my spiritual beliefs even in times of isolation, pain, desperation or negativity.

Saying all of these affirmations as my daily devotionals  helps me ground for the day. They help me feel my inner power, my inner Goddess. I feel such a connection to the Divine when I say them aloud and put the energy forward. Affirmations are a part of my daily life. I find that these affirmations are my daily dose of magic.

Thank you for reading. I welcome all comments!!

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