"Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men."
- Neil Gaiman

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting Grounded

OK, I am totally running late this week. We were out of town all of last week so I'm just now getting to my second G for the Pagan Blog Project. Here it goes. This week, G is for Grounding.

When I think of grounding I think of connecting myself to the earth. Rooting myself in so that I do do not absorb any energy that I do not want, it will flow right through me to the earth. I ground so that I have a deeper connection with the earth. I ground so that I do not take on other peoples emotions, or energy. I first started grounding years ago when I began doing Reiki, and was happy to know how, once I started massage school, as I seemed to pull in peoples emotions rather quickly. I admit I have slacked on this practice in daily life. I do not ground as much as I should. I seem to only do it when doing Reiki, massage or meditation. I feel the need to do it more.

All of that being said, I think grounding is bigger than just a quick rooting to the earth for the reasons I gave above. I also think what I am about to say next is why I have not been grounding myself as often as I need. You see I feel that all land has energy. If you ever speak to someone who has lived in Hawaii they will tell you that the islands will either love and accept you, or make life miserable for you until you move. I think all land is like this. I feel it here where I live now. The earth here does not accept me. I feel like a visitor here. it does not feel like home, even though we have lived here for more than 6 years.

As I said earlier, we were gone for a week. We were looking at houses in a new state. I think that time spent in Washington really opened my eyes to the point I am making here. While I have always believed what I am saying about the land, our trip really hit the point home. You see while we were there, it felt like home. We forgot we were not at home. It didn't feel like a vacation or a trip. The land accepted us. I felt grounded..... rooted. The spirits of the land there were inviting and loving. The entire energy was different and wonderful.

So for me, I believe that grounding is more than just a quick rooting to the earth for meditation or spell work. It is about how we are always rooted to the land. About how we are connected with the earth all the time. If we do not feel the connection or rooted to the land then we are out of balance, our energy is not focused. We must be some where that we feel calm and at peace, this is a type of permanent grounding. Then when we ground for energy work or other things, we will have a more secure grip and our roots will go deeper and be stronger.

Thank you for reading, I welcome all comments!


  1. Lovely blog, and agreed that grounding is not that quick for me it's also very spiritual,, especially when connected to Mother Earth.

  2. I'd never given it much thought, but after reading your blog I've also l experienced this myself. Thanks for your post.