"Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men."
- Neil Gaiman

Friday, September 14, 2012


Occupy!! But not just anything... Occupy your Soul.
I took some time today to just walk around in nature. No rush. No destination. Just being there. And while I walked thinking of nothing in particular I started thinking about my soul. I started wondering why I don't do this more. I feel so at peace here. The pace is perfect. My brain slows down. So why don't I do this more? And I realized that I am at war with my soul. That while I am the 99% that should have control over my soul... its that 1% from others that does
I don't do more things for my soul because when I do I get wartime interrogations. You know the ones.... "why didn't you get (insert chore) done?".... "what did you do today?" ..... even from myself.... "I should be doing (whatever)".... "I could be doing so many of my errands right now". ... "I should hurry up so I can get more done today".  Why am I so hard on my soul. Why can't I just let it be at peace? I have made my soul a prisoner of this war inside myself. And we all do it to each other. We some how find it OK to question what people have done. What they are doing with their life. As if they need our stamp of approval.

 "Oh, you haven't cleaned your house because you decided to read a book... mmmm... sorry not good enough."

Oh, you haven't cleaned you house because you were running errands and volunteering at your childs school, thats fine".

Why must I question what my soul wants? If it wants to read, or walk, or do some underwater basket weaving then I should let it. Truth is, the reason is in the question.... why?  The problem is that we continue to ask this question of ourselves and others. But should the answer really matter that much?

Often times when I am driving I see the signs for a scenic overlook. Every time I see a sign I want to go look at it, but I never do. I don't stop because I ask myself "why". Why do I need to go there. What will I do. Whats the point. Sometimes I see a road and wonder where it goes and my soul wants to go see. But my mind asks why. Why do I need to go there. What if there is nothing there. How will I know when to turn around.

Its like my mind thinks my soul is an idiot. I apparently don't trust myself. Its as if I will go adventure down a road with no destination and never come back. WTF is up with that?

I need to let my soul out. Let it shine... let it sparkle.

I need to feed my soul.... Feed it glitter and sunshine.

So I have decided to write a list.... a Soul Glitter list..... What is my soul glitter.... what will make my soul sparkle? This list will be made up of things I like to do..... I want to do.... or anything else I think does or will make my soul sparkle!!

I welcome comments!

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