"Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men."
- Neil Gaiman

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


OK, still have my "D" posts to do to get all caught up in the Pagan Blog Project. So here is my first D, Dedication.

Today I did a dedication ritual so I thought I would share.

Dedication to the Goddess Ritual
Although I have been on this path for over a decade and done a dedication ritual before I have created this new ritual. I am doing this now to mark a new step in my journey. I am not only rededicating myself to the Goddess, but also to my spiritual sisters. This dedication is a much deeper one than my previous one. The first one was a dedication to the path; this is a dedication to serve the Goddess.
This was done on Beltane. Beltane is a time for fertility and growth, so I choose this day so that the fertile seed of my dedication may sprout and grow. This is a time for self-discovery and personal growth. It is also the time of the Waxing moon. This is ideal to help my dedication grow, as I enter this positive change in my life.
It was done at Guernsey State Park, near the “Castle” as I feel connected to this area. (I got married here)
*I choose not to cast circles in my spiritual work. I feel that because all space is sacred there is no need to cast a circle. If I feel an area needs to be cleansed prior to work in order to dispel negativity, than I will do so with sage. 

 I began the day with a salt cleansing.

Items Used:

I began with a grounding meditation (removing shoes) as I find meditation the best way to not only connect with myself, and the Divine, but also to raise energy. I find that in stillness I find the most energy.

This ritual will be my commitment to myself, my Sisters of the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess, and to the Goddess.
On this day I dedicate myself to the Goddess.
Goddess in all your forms I honor You.
I honor You with my mind, my intentions and the words I speak.
I honor You with my body, my actions and the behaviors I exhibit.
I honor You with my heart, my love and my Passion that I feel and share.
I offer to use these gifts you have bestowed me in service to you.
On this day I dedicate myself to You.
I give to You my mind to speak through, my body to act through and my heart to love through.
I vow to honor, respect and live in service to You

Take Candle
this candle represents fire it helps me to ignite my passion  
it reminds me of my strength and
my endurance
(Light Candle) To grow

Take salt
This salt represents earth and it will help me to root to mother earth,
It reminds me that we all come from the Goddess, and
we are all connected.
(Sprinkle on Earth) To discover

These Ribbons represents air it reminds helps me to reclaim myself
It reminds me to speak with right intention
To continue to become
(Tie to Tree) To Create

Take Water
This water is to remind help me to persevere in an ever-changing world.
It reminds me to heal and
To know myself
(Pour on Ground) To Feel

Take ring and put on
For spirit I will wear this ring. It will remind me every day my dedication to the Goddess and to the Path. And remind me to live the old ways.
As I don this ring I begin my service to the Goddess. My Service to the Goddess will not end, so shall it be in this life, so shall it be in death, and so shall it be in my next life and every life thereafter.
As I will it so mote it be

After concluding this ritual I took a walk to meditate on my new path with the Goddess. I used this walk as a time to listen to the Goddess and receive Her messages for me.
Here is what I heard and saw.
After concluding and beginning my walk I began to see many hawks flying around me. Some came close others just circled above.
I also saw many butterflies scurrying around me, which I failed to get photos of.

As I was meditating on my walk I asked the Goddess what She wanted me to do. I heard this;
"Love. Heal. Teach.... But mostly Love."
"You are now a student of the Goddess."

As I was getting in the car to leave a very large (about the size of a quarter) bee began flying around me. It flew around my head and would fly in and out of the car. Unfortunately this bee was camera shy and I could not capture an image of it.

The first thing I heard on the radio when I began to drive away was Belinda Carlisle singing "Heaven is a Place on Earth", I found this slightly funny.

As I was driving home I heard the following;
"There are no straight lines in nature, so don't expect any in your life. You have a plan to get from point A to point B, but it will not be a straight line. There will be zigs and zags, curves, detours, and even U-turns and circles. But don't worry, in the end its always beautiful."

 I sit here now with much love in my heart. Ready to start my journey.

Thank you for reading. I welcome all comments!!


  1. Great dedication,, very inspiring blog,thank you for sharing, and blessed be sister <3

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Cay!
    The Butterflies,Bee and Belinda song were , in my humble opinion, obvious signs that you did good! The lord, lady, elements and spirits were all pleased <3
    Much love!