"Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men."
- Neil Gaiman

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I want to be a Village Person!

No.... not that kind of Village person...

I believe we are all born with an innate need to be part of a community. We know that humans are social creatures and most people would state that they were part of a community, but I think the community we all crave is becoming extinct. Most often people are social when it is time to go out but when it comes to lifestyle and families things have changed. We have lost the ability to be neighborly and kind. With the exception of a death in the family, and sometimes a birth of a baby, people do not help each other out the way they used to.

There is a silent need for people to be more considerate and friendly. I crave dinner parties and mornings drinking coffee with friends. I want family friends who will bring their kids over and we just hang out while kids play, or bbq, or drink wine.
I want a community where people just show up and help out and I can do the same.

Somewhere where everyone jumps in and helps with kids.

Somewhere where there is a genuine interest in what it going on with each other.

Somewhere where there is acceptance, reciprocity and trust.

Somewhere over the rainbow...(seeing who is paying attention)

Why do we think we must have everything in common with those around us to have these ideals? A person should be able to move into a community and be welcomed with open arms. I should not have to seek out an intentional community (they cost a fortune to get into) in order to have what our ancestral memories want us to have. I'm not saying that we should love all of our neighbors, and that our village can only be on our block. I just think it would be nice to have community of people around me and my family that we could consider our family... our tribe..... yeah a Tribe!! Our Clan needs a tribe! A tribe of people who will protect each other and always be there for each other.

We all need friends (tribe mates) in this world that will be with us forever.

The Eternal Friendship symbol......My next tattoo =D

The Collins Family Crest

The Shield Celtic knot is a symbol for protection. The ancient Celts used it to decorate the shields of warriors, the clothing of children, and to protect the sick.

Sadly, I seemed to have landed myself in a a town that......well, it's as if Walmart exploded and the "People of Walmart" (http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/?page_id=9804) have taken over!

So for now I will enjoy my "People of Walmart" town and hope I find a better community when we move, as well as build new and existing friendships into a Village Tribe!!!

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