"Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men."
- Neil Gaiman

Monday, March 5, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

To Whom it May Concern,

Yes, I am a Witch........ Yes, I express my love of my faith on Facebook.
**I claim no rights to this artwork. 

I do this just as many of my friends do with their scripture, psalms and inspirations. I love to see that people love their faith. I love to see that they are expressing their loving beliefs. I make no disparaging remarks or question their faith in anyway. Sometimes I may even “like” their post if the meaning resonates with me. I wonder then, why is it when I do it that I get questions, comments and remarks about my faith. I am questioned about my beliefs. This even happens on posts that are either not Pagan in content, but may be from a Pagan source, or comments that are “faith neutral” which could be applied to any path. I receive “come to Jesus” messages in my inbox. I do not send “come to the Goddess messages”.  Please understand that while your God and Jesus bring you love, joy and happiness, MY Goddess and God bring me the same, so I do not need to find YOUR God. We are all on a path of love, goodness and light. The fact that we believe different things does not negate the other people’s beliefs.

**I claim no rights to this artwork. 
My children are also fine. They are being raised to find their own path. I will teach them my beliefs, as well as all other paths that I can. I allow them to learn about all faiths, attend any church they choose and follow their hearts. I believe that faith is personal and comes from within. I believe that our “folk self” (that part of us that contains our ancestral memories) contains all the knowledge and wisdom we need and only needs to be accessed and awakened.  Therefore, “pushing” my beliefs on my children or anyone else is counterproductive to their development. My only requirement for my children is that they respect ALL others beliefs. Keep in mind that I feel that ANY faith that endorses harm to self, others or any living creature is not OK, and not really a faith, but more of a cult. No faith should encourage harm. 

My life and outlook of it has improved dramatically since I have begun to express my positive inspirations, speak openly and often about my path, and really started living the faith not just talking the talk. I have also come to the conclusion that my path will lead me to getting a Masters in Divinity Degree from a Pagan Seminary, as well as becoming a Priestess to the Goddess. So I will continue to be outspoken. I will encourage others to do the same with their faith. If you do not like what I say, then I ask that instead of being negative about my faith simply do not follow my posts. 

In Perfect Love ...... and Perfect Trust

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